Comprised of Houston and Austin-based performers, Shunyata strives to deliver the unexpected in each choreography. Layering technique with dynamic stage presence, their shows are sure to delight. You can find them as resident performers of The Texas Renaissance Festival and Red Dwarf Houston, as well as in smaller ensembles throughout Texas.

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Silvia Salamanca

Silvia is an internationally acclaimed performer and instructor from Mallorca, Spain. A life-long dancer, she graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.

Silvia now resides in Houston and is also the director of Shunyata Belly Dance, a nationally awarded tribal fusion company and a proud member of Urban Hipsy, Houston’s premiere ATS troupe. She also teaches lessons out of Ballam Studio and offers instructional content online. 

Facebook: /silvia.salamanca.50

Instagram: @salamanca.silvia

YouTube: /SilviaSalamanca


Vera is not only a dancer, but also a costumer, chef, and baker. She is a member of BellaDonna Belly Dance, voted Houston's Best Belly Dancers by The Houston Press, and can be seen regularly performing solo at Bar Boheme, Lama Mediterranean Cuisine, and other locations throughout Houston.

Facebook: /verashimmies

Instagram: @vera.shimmies


Diana Soto

Fiery, unique, powerhouse. Diana is one of those larger than life presences on stage; her work is distinguished by a level of charisma and passion only matched by her dance precision and versatility.

Diana Soto taught classes on Arab dance and intercultural dialogue at the University of Puerto Rico, directed the award-winning Phoenix Al Danse troupe, produced Raks Caribe international dance festival, and ran Belly Dance Para Tod@s dance school in Puerto Rico for seven years.

Her commitment to this dance form and honoring its roots brought her to Lebanon where she lived and trained in dance and Arabic for two months. She has presented her work in Arab dance, fusion, and "dance for camera" in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and all over the USA and Puerto Rico.

She is thrilled to call Houston home; you can catch her performing around town with Shunyata and Bella Donna Dance Company or wiggle about with her in her upcoming workshops around Texas, including Yaa Halla Yall.

You can find out more on Teachable:

Instagram: @diana_dancemagic

Devin Alfather

Devin is a multidisciplinary dancer currently specializing in theatrical Fusion Bellydance, and other MENAHT and world Fusion dances. When not tearing up the stages in Texas and beyond, she can be found teaching out of several Austin studios and giving workshops to detail-hungry dancers. She seeks to keep one foot in either world, and is a continuous student of source materials and dancers.

Devin is also a creator of wearable art, which can be commissioned from her other persona as The Cor Chorum.

Facebook: /devin.alfather

Instagram: @devindances & @thecorchorum

YouTube: Devin Alfather


Blair Logan

Blair Logan presents her fluid and funky style of World Fusion Dance all over the states--as a soloist, alongside other inspiring artists, and with some local Austin bands. In addition to being the director and choreographer of her student troupe, the Serpentine Sirens, and teaches regular classes online via Patreon, YouTube, and Instagram.


Facebook: /blairdancerbee

Instagram: @blairdancerbee

YouTube: Blair Logan

Patreon: /blairloganfusiondance

Cheyney Teagan

Cheyney Teagan is an Austin-based performer, specializing in Raqs Sharqi (“dance of the East”) and American Cabaret Style (aka “bellydance”), a derivative of Raqs Sharqi. Cheyney also has an extensive background in classical dance, as well as Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Bachata.

Cheyney’s performances have been described as “full of zest and joyous energy,” and she loves to interact with her audience! Community and connections with people are at the heart of her dance practice.

When Cheyney isn’t dancing, she works on designing custom dance costumes and accessories, as well as producing dance shows that support local artists. She also leads the Austin chapter of “Shimmy Mob,” an international organization dedicated to raising awareness of and preventing domestic violence.

Facebook: /CheyneyTeaganDance

Instagram: @CheyneyTeaganDance
YouTube: Cheyney Teagan